WEGQ & WEGB Coverage

WEGQ 91.7 FM Is on the Air!

You might have heard that we have been building a 2nd radio station west of us (that is, west of Sag Harbor) that has the call letters WEGQ and the frequency 91.7 on the FM dial.

I am happy to report that WEGQ is now up and running and fully licensed as of June 27th 2013.

The signal coverage for all three of our signals (WEGB 90.7 in Napeague, 93.3 FM, our translator in Sag Harbor & WEGQ) looks like the map above with the red areas being the sweet spots as far as signal strength. WEGQ will broadcast the same signal as WEGB so we now have one studio and two stations. The cost to build WEGQ is about $40,000. We welcome your help! For more information about how you can donate to WEGB & WEGQ go to the DONATE page.