Listener Comments


Pastor McGee married my wife and I in 1977, when we were members of the First Alliance Church in New York City! His sermons were always awe inspiring! What a man of God!


I have been listening to your station for several months now. It has encouraged me greatly. I enjoy listening to Pastor Mcgee. I can still see him preaching. I listen whenever I can. Thank you for your outreach.


I have found another Way, thanks to you.! God bless. I am so grateful!


Hi, All our radios are set to FAITH FM at home and in our vehicles. In particular 91.7. Well rounded in worship and the teaching of the word. A great voice for those in need and a blessing for ALL. God Bless this ministry.


Hi guys. Thank you for your radio station. It is a great encouragement, in word and song. The sound quality is very good, strong and bunches of bass. Love it! I listen mostly while driving. Keep up the good work!


Just discovered WEGQ yesterday while driving to the store. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could Google to get more info. May God bless Faith FM. I’ll be listening


Hi, Just wanted to say we had nice talk on the phone! Your station is a breath of Fresh air Telling the Great News! Praying for you!!!! Listening to WEGB Good news. Love In Him.


Your station has become a quality of life issue with me. I am moved by Allister Begg every morning and is part of my daily routine. Thank you for sharing your blessing. Keep up the good work.


Great job in bringing God’s word to all of us. May God bless you.


Thanks for sharing its Always good to hear Gods word in song and conversation….I attend Life In The Spirit Church at EastWind in Wading River and will be sure to share your station with my fellow church members.


I just found your station and I am so thankful! I live in Westhampton Beach and all I hear is so focused on Jesus! AWESOME! Keep shining for Jesus! He is so Great! Your messages are so grounded and really hit the heart! God Bless!


Good Day!!! Checking in from West Long Island Nassau County!!! I Was just informed about the station and enjoyed the “Hour of Power” segment. Keep up the good work and will share this awesome thing here on the Island… Blessings!


I love yalls station! i just redevoted my life to Christ this past Sunday and its great! God is Great!


I am thankful to the Lord for your mission. I am praying for you and your family and WEGB. 1998  I was found;  filled with the Spirit.  No going back.  2007  I found myself in the desert. My re-birth felt hollow and alone though I had a wonderful new family and pastor. I never gave up.  2007 thru 20012. Even though I was now in a beautiful new family I wandered and waited.  Kept my faith.  The Rock. October of 2012 I found the Lord on a little job radio at 6 am at work. Chuck Smith… if I’m not mistaken. Old Testament….   I never really did the old testament much. By 10am I listened to you know who…(Alistair Begg) and I was smitten. Reborn Again.  Growing in Christ and the Good News. Amen and Hallelujah! Thank You. I also love pastor McGees sermons. Your brother in Christ Jesus.


I have heard – and love! – the new radio station. I listen as I drive between my tutoring students’ houses and it’s a great reminder to show up for the “other” kind of teaching that needs doing. Do you guys do the programming yourselves? If you do you should look into broadcasting DJ PDogg’s Christian hip-hop radio show. It’s a great show, and I think it might reach listeners who are looking for a certain kind of music rather than spoken teaching.

Pastor Claude Stauffer, Calvary Chapel Hope, Amityville NY, home of WGSS

Wonderful to hear your broadcast on the other end of the Island. What a blessing! Read this in my devotions this morning – “Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only does wondrous things! (Psalm 72:18). Sounds appropriate for what God is doing through our stations. May His word not return void but have its full effect. God bless you all!

Jim Mather

We’re praying for all our friends at CBC in Sag Harbor. We’re asking God to continue to use you as his hands to the people living on the East End of Long Island. May his love so deeply satisfy you that it overflows into the hearts and minds of those who as of yet don’t know him!